The Silver Castle

The Silver Castle Workshop Project is suitable for KS2 and In-Service Teacher Training

Big Mouth Piano Tales are offering Primary Schools the chance to get deeply involved in writing our latest, dragon-filled musical story.

BMPT simply can’t finish it – we can’t even think of a really good title and none of our characters have names, or songs of their own… PLEASE HELP!

The Silver CastleThe project delivers a hands-on experience of high quality music making within a cross curricular creative project. Voice work (healthy vocal development, pulse, rhythm, harmony, notation, canon, and improvisation) underpins this unique learning opportunity. It is designed to stimulate environmental awareness, scientific discovery, mathematical facility, horticultural enthusiasm, creative writing, song writing, drama, storytelling, and more.

What’s the Story?

We have some music – classical piano repertoire written especially for children by some of the great composers, eg: Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Schumann, Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn, Judith Weir etc… for listening, inspiring, and helping to tell the story. The music is played by our own, real live International Concert Pianist – your school piano will never have sounded so good!

Whale smileyWe have characters – with no names: a Yellow Canary, Blue Whale, Red Dragon, and Green Gardener.

They live in a land (with no name!) dominated by a Silver Castle, where light and air are rationed. The H2O levels in the sea are dangerously low and the sun is barely shining. The fish are breathless, the crops won’t grow, the people are starving, and even the terrible Red Dragon has run out of fire for her breath. Things have got to change before everyone and everything in this world disappears forever…

Dragon proper shape…we just have to work out how!!!

BMPT and the children will produce more music, songs, dances, drama and pictures which will save this world and give everyone a name!

Whale tail

The Silver Castle is planned to have a similar life to our last Workshop Project – which took place in the Baytree Centre, Brixton – and saw The Emperor and the Nightingale concert we worked on, going on to tour the UK and being serialised for radio.

Dragon squint tail 2How does your school get involved?

BMPT will want to work with you to find the best way to run the project in your school. Please contact us for more information and to discuss the options.

Big Mouth Piano Tales are highly experienced workshop leaders and professional performers.

Frances M Lynch is BIG MOUTH – the Supreme Singing Storyteller

Mark Troop is PIANO TALES – an International Concert Pianist